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    @Lowlolo so here's why. When you up textures the game engine readys to handle 2046/4098 files. But since they are RE-Sized the game right now smoothly. More ambient effects can be seen on low end rigs. Gleb was resistant to up his settings on his crappy laptop, he argued his you couldn't handle it. I urged him in Skype message and watched his reaction to seeing scratches on his car and dust blowing by his car. He could never see them before due to low end rigs. So UP the textures and you'll see smoother gameplay.
    Sorry I have been swamped helping people with their mods and trying to get Driftwood Mod to a pre release, I haven't updated yet, but I will soon. Thanks Pal.

    30 gennaio 2021
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    @Lowlolo you are amazing!
    Glad you're feeling better, keep smiling. I'll add them ASAP.

    29 gennaio 2021
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    I will upload to a better server if you pay for it. Free storage is cheap, hence free and low quality sharing.
    I poured months into scouring through the archives resizing all the images. I don't have a big bank account from doing so. I am sorry the links are poor quality or no longer.
    I do care, but again no one has offered a storage that is fast and will let me upload a mod this big without $$$!

    Please will someone help? I mean kids are paid to do models but no support for a mod like this.
    Thanks, N8Gamez

    11 gennaio 2021
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    Sorry folks, MN8R01 is learning 3-D modelling and can't continue updating yet.

    I hope to have first release of Driftwood Mod by February 3 so I am slammed with this Total Conversion of GTA V to a Western Game.

    02 gennaio 2021
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    @bloqmayus022 thanks! The dlc packs need updating but I am currently working on a Total Conversion, GTAV Driftwood Mod

    I may ask MN8R01 to consider updating them. No promises of it though since Driftwood is a Major conversion and she is one that team too.

    30 dicembre 2020
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    @bloqmayus022 now you've installed our mod you can add other mods like you are wanting. The game will handle them better than not using our Mod. Anticipate a drop in performance with those bigger texture mods, but feel comfortable knowing your game will handle better from GTAV RE-Sized being installed.

    Remember to up your graphic settings to High or Very High to really see improvement of game. Even if your graphics card can't handle the higher settings... It actually will and jump performance big time!

    30 dicembre 2020
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    These are links provided by supporters.

    Link to 4Shared

    These are the core files no optional files are included:

    13 dicembre 2020
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    Are you sharing a link to the MOD files? Or are they updates to current DLC edits?

    Anyway, thanks for helping

    11 dicembre 2020
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    @Lowlolo you rock pal I hope you can fit it on your cloud storage. I really appreciate it. Also votrinhan88 is interested in continuing the project maybe consider collaborating to make it easier for each of you. Team work is helpful so thanks for being part of the team efforts 🤓👍

    09 agosto 2020
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    @votrinhan88 Hey thanks, I am always happy when the community joins in to help. So as for tips I offer export texture to png via OpenIV. Open them with Photoshop the average game images are 512 so shoot for lowering the large files to 512. ie: 1024, 2048 and 4096 images Re-Sized to 512.
    There are many watches at very high textures so 8 peds with faces, watches and clothing at 2048 will slow game. Look in the dlc.rpf for ytd files and see what needs to be brought down. Look at vehicles too for radios can be 1024 or larger. Look through the rpf file inside each dlc.rpf for there are many. Make folders that follow the same location so when you share people can know where they go, also you can make packages for automatic install via OpenIV. It's mostly time consuming not too hard to do. Some 512 size files can be 256 with little notable difference.
    I hope that helps and just ask if you have further questions. Share your efforts so others can benefit please consider keeping it called Re-Sized and give it your own version letting people know that it's more current. Thanks, peace N8.

    09 agosto 2020