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  • Db6a7e gtao 149

    Hello, dear developer. Your mod is very good, I like it. But personally I have two problems:
    1) I use the turn signals on the PS3 gamepad. The brake and the button to the left are indicated by one number (15), which is not very convenient. I would like to use the left button to turn on the left turn signal, and right, you guessed it, turn on the right button on the gamepad. As for me, it is very convenient. There are no problems with the right button. The problem is with the designation of the left button on the gamepad ("L2 - 15" and "Left - 15").
    2) For example, if the left turn signal of the car is on, and without turning it off, I turn on the right one, then the left turn signal turns off automatically. Conversely, if the car has a flashing right turn signal, and I turn on the left turn signal, then the right turn signal automatically turns off. It's very cool and convenient. But the same cannot be said about the emergency alarm. When the car's alarm is on, and I want, without turning it off, to turn on, for example, the right turn signal, this can't be done. That is, if the car has an alarm on, and I want to turn on one of the turn signals, I first need to turn off the alarm, and then turn on one of the turn signals. This is not very convenient.

    Dear developer, if you read my comment, thank you very much already. Honestly, for me this is the best script for turn signals (I turn on the turn signals on the PS3 gamepad). I would also be very grateful if you correct these two shortcomings, which I wrote about above. Thank you in advance! 😉

    13 maggio 2023