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    Hey guys .sb help Please.
    I did everything that is needed. I Put script hook v and .net file into directory. Install microsoft .net and visual 2013. Created a scripts folder and put native ui and jetpack files in it. I also put spawn mp vehicles in sp. But when i go there and put the time to 00.00 and weather to thunder only camera position change but the alien doesnt come . I wait some time but didn't work. My game version is latest ( 1.41 , or smugglers run )
    Plz help if you know the solution .

    28 gennaio 2018
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    Man visual v is awesome. It even made my game smoother. Everything till now is perfect. Tnx bro (i would have donated u if i could but unfortunately in my country i can't , sorry ):

    24 gennaio 2018
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    @_CP_ i want to know if it works for medium pc (run ok with high and normal setting) without fps drop or not ? 
    And if it doesn't work properly can i uninstall it easily? 
    My System: intel i5 , radeon hd 7670 1gb , 8gb ram .

    23 gennaio 2018