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    I love this mod, I recently built a new pc with this game specifically in mind. I've chased down all ctd's and fixed them in vanilla. I've found one place where I ctd every time after I install this at the parking lot in downtown vinewood beside spitroasters. I can drive the perimeter even spent a good hour opening the map and no matter as soon as I go to the back fence in that lot I ctd. It's no real big issue, I just avoid it but worry it may affect my play through. Appreciate it if someone could test that parking lot and see if anyone else has that issue.

    24 ottobre 2018
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    @NubForSale I love this mod, I'm using the bright amber version and it brings a huge difference in immersion. The problem I'm having is they are static appearing on every vehicle, is there any way to have it so they only activate on engine start? I've tried editing the indicator emissive's and they either appear static or not at all, it may even be in another vehicle settings file.

    12 ottobre 2018
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    Thank you so much for this, I've never liked FP mode in this game, but with this mod I'll never go back to 3rd person. I always hated driving in 1st person you could only see half the windshield, now I can see from side mirror to side mirror just like real life driving so realistic now. This has breathed new life into an old game for me!

    02 ottobre 2018