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    @xzxVALERAzxz I didn't take any of the edited screenshots, but to my knowledge some of the photographers used software such as Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve these effects. Similar effects are also achievable in

    02 giugno 2021
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    The Tahoma

    01 giugno 2021
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    alright wow, this one is a mixed bag for sure

    first I'll applaud this as your first effort - its way better than the simple zmod shits I've done back when I modded this game, so good job. there's some decent mesh editing and adaptation, and is a somewhat better attempt at a "lore" r34 than whatever the fuck forza port the uzbek man farted out a while back.

    however... this is where the positives end. this is one of the most cursed "lore" cars I've ever seen, with the most bizarre execution of editing a model to be lore. the old gta 4 rebadges weren't as bad as this. I say "lore" in quotations because this barely qualifies as lore at this point, it feels more like a random mashup done for a render. I loved the ikusa in burnout, but man, putting forza r34 bumpers and interior on it to adapt it to gta is the most crack idea I've ever seen, no offense. it just doesn't work from a design perspective, the ikusa is a more modern looking, better "flowing" (and somewhat cartoony since burnout design) car than the r34 per se, since the 34 is a bit boxier all around. you've basically taken two completely different designs and mashed them together to create a very strange and disproportionate car. looking at this car hurts my brain because I see the boxy r34 bumpers but then the newer ikusa body - it just doesn't work. ideally what you would have done is use the ikusa as a base, then edit its existing design all around to fit the lore designs by taking design cues from the retro custom and rh8. that would have worked much better since I cannot unsee the ripped r34 bumpers on a burnout car.

    now I haven't tested the model in game, but I've checked out the dlc in openiv and seen screenshots of it in game sent by people I know, and there are several issues with the dlc overall. first off, you have an EXTREMELY bloated dlc.rpf file size, sitting at a cool 164mb. I don't know how stew didn't tell you this, but you should always defrag your rpfs once you've finalized the mod. like ffs the vehicles.rpf is 135mb, but its contents actually total ~17mb. this is because the rpf is fragmented from several attempts at testing different versions of the model, defragging fixes this. and the contents of vehicles.rpf being around 17mb is a problem in itself too considering this is a lore mod. this brings us to general mod/model issues. there are two yfts for the car, both weighing ~3.8mb each. if this was an unlore mod, I wouldn't give a single shit, but this is a relatively large size for a lore car. I checked the model and the main culprit seems to be the polycount sitting at ~140k. this is a little high compared to the accepted lore standards of a maximum of ~110k. I imagine this is mainly because of the directly ported forza interior, which doesn't fit lore at all since r* uses their premade sets of interiors for several cars. the body itself also seems a little dense and has some terribly polyflow issues at random spots, with the main culprits being the fenders and trunk - which lead to some bad normals/reflections issues in game. the windows also have absolutely awful wireframes, I don't even wanna imagine wtf happened there. as I was writing this, I just noticed the grille piece thing on the front bumper is EXTREMELY DENSE HOLY FUCK HOW MANY SUBDIV LEVELS IS IT??? GO LOOK AT IT - IT IS NOT OKAY AT ALL MAN WTF?? go fix that asap, holy shit. back to normal critiquing, the engine bay as a whole is not okay and unfitting of lore. some gamemodels rb26 in there with completely unlore engine details. should've just ripped the enginebay from the retro custom and adapted it. speaking of unlore details, you have a 9mb(!!) ytd file due to having the unlore interior, engine, some really weirdly mapped tires and other details such as the calipers. don't get me wrong, these are nice textures for an unlore mod, but none of this stuff is really appropriate for a lore mod, and the bloated texture dictionary just makes it that much worse. next time use common lore 3d assets for all this stuff and use txdrelationships for their textures, only have car specific textures (like the badges and light textures) in the ytd. also idk why this car has its own custom dirtmap - a well made mod should never ever need a dirtmap beyond r*'s.

    overall, this is still a very good attempt at a first mod, the execution is somewhat decent and not completely awful, but there are several glaring issues with the design of the car and the way the mod was put together. it falls into a really weird category, its not necessarily an "unlore" mod per se, but its also not lore either, just a really oddball mod that no one really expected. I know I just listed a bunch of issues (and even told you to fix one of them), but imo you probably shouldn't update this mod further and begin a new attempt at a proper lore car, since this is just a lost cause due to its strange execution. join the new vanillaworks server once it opens up so you get feedback as you make stuff rather than going off your own tangent, you'll get much more satisfactory results then.

    good luck

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    07 maggio 2021
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    @NovaWolf554 I was told someone was a little asshurt over mods that have remained private for years being finally fixed and released to the public

    I hope you realize how fucking stupid that is, maybe be grateful for once in your fucking life instead of whining about some funny old mafia 3 shitmod not being included in the pack due to the author's personal request. you're being incredibly disrespectful by basically shitting on the author's wishes and personally demanding a release of a mod the author considers garbage, and you call him pathetic for keeping trash out the hands of the public. you get 15 cars but you're missing one, I wonder who's the pathetic one here. go cry about it lmfao. or even better, get off your high horse and this site and go port the shit yourself and do a proper job at it, just don't complain when you keep it private and people bitch about it not being released

    05 maggio 2021
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    @Johnny Cybernetic I didn't take those pictures, I'm only the livery porting slave

    17 aprile 2021
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    Do You Phart?

    01 aprile 2021
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    @frapplatte cry about it

    maybe wipe your tears with your brother's ferrari money

    31 marzo 2021
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    29 marzo 2021
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