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    @Lieutenant Dan what is the point value??

    11 maggio 2021
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    @Lieutenant Dan can I adjust the steering sensitivity, by adding a little bit of speed to the steering wheel.
    it is super smooth but I want to add speed to the wheel turning from left to right.

    10 maggio 2021
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    should i want to adjust any of it.

    Maximum speed of the steering wheel.
    .Time to move from left to right = 2 / this (doesn't consider input rise, fall or smoothing).
    .How quickly the steering wheel starts to move at full speed after key is pressed.
    .Time to start moving at full speed = 1 / this

    .How quickly the steering wheel stops moving after key is released.
    .Time to stop moving = 1 / this

    .As speed increases, the three previous numbers are multiplied by (1 + this * speed).

    .Smoothing of steering wheel (0.0 = instant response, 1.0 = doesn't move).

    .How quickly steering wheel centering speed rises with forward speed.

    10 maggio 2021
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