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  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @Abrian19 Love it! Works Great! and, On FiveM too! ( I hope that's okay! : ) )
    I converted it for FiveM, it's super easy, people gotta try shit themselves instead of waiting for somebody else to do it.

    2 giorni fa
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @Shaezbreizh This was made really well! I converted it for FiveM too, and it works great! Hope you don't mind!
    Also, @FrostyGaming is too pessimistic, it's not that bad at all, it's not "100MPH"
    Just looks like it's mildly-windy, but it doesn't break the immersion for me, the vines just seem like they're very light, and easy for the wind to catch, as if they're really dried out or something.

    The only thing I didn't like was actually just a *personal preference*,
    and, I'll most likely just remove it myself in codewalker. There's a whale skeleton,
    ...but it's covered in blood and guts, so I'm just going to get rid of all the blood and guts.

    4 giorni fa
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @MilkyBunny Hey Great Mod! How about Optional Textures/Liveries? or Multiple ones?

    Would you make a custom texture for me for money?
    My Discord is GrimeyFresh#8893

    16 ottobre 2022
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    :O <3

    14 ottobre 2022
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @APatrick Can you Please make a Livery for a Delivery truck too please? The "boxville2" truck?

    08 ottobre 2022
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @Official General No way I love the Real Ads!

    07 ottobre 2022
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @BitterMods Where's the Train Mods at?

    26 settembre 2022
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    This Map is Amazing! It doesn't need an Update! It's already smashed full of goodness...
    This Map is SO Underrated! ...I doubt anybody has ANY idea how great this map *really* is...

    There are so many Secrets, and Easter Eggs, and Cool sh*t,
    This dude took his time making this... and with mind blowing artistic talent...
    ...the kind of combinations of props, and position of certain things is so perfect and on point...
    This map is truly special, this map is actually art, the guy is a mastermind... seriously...

    BTW, This DOES work in FiveM, and it actually runs better than when in Singleplayer,
    ...but, of course... if you realistically want to use it... you'll want to liquidate some of the props...

    Custom Street Lights and seats/chairs, can cause issues...
    Custom Street Lights inside ymaps (in FiveM) causes glitches and flashing lights,
    ...also having too many chair props all over your city is going to cause too many NPC's to spawn,
    and you're server will constantly crash...

    15 settembre 2022
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @jedijosh920 Isn't there a FiveM version of this?

    13 settembre 2022
  • 531468 green eye (full size)

    @indirivacua I tried using this in my FiveM server and the Texture is glitching, any ideas as to why?

    My other animal retextures are working fine... no glitches... that's why I ask...

    09 settembre 2022