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    It's sad this doesn't work anymore due to it's reliance on Build a Mission, which broke with the most recent NativeUI update.
    But, if someone doesn't care about staying 100% up-to-date, Build a Mission will work with NativeUI 1.6 and earlier, and by extension so will this mod. It's too late for me, though, I have other mods that rely on the newest NativeUI. :\

    23 febbraio 2019
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    I've seen a lot of conflicting comments here, so I thought I'd clear some of the biggest concerns I've seen brought up.
    This mod works perfectly well. It does not need to be "fixed" or "updated".
    This mod still works with recent updates.
    No, this mod cannot be used for GTA Online. It will get you banned.
    This mod does work with mods using dinput8.dll. However, DO NOT change anything under "[GENERAL]" in the .ini file, i.e. ";ProxyLibrary = other_dsound.dll". Changing this line because of ScriptHook or another mod using dinput8.dll is unnecessary, and could even cause the game or the mod to not run as intended. This line is EXCLUSIVELY for other mods that use dsound.dll: If a mod you have uses any other .dll file it is compatible without changes to "ProxyLibrary".

    21 febbraio 2019
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    One thing, though. This mod could potentially contain a Trojan virus. This virus seems to hook onto the GTAV.exe file and send an outbound connection to a site called, "". Weirdly enough, this virus does not show up when scanning the file or my main GTA V folder, and I only noticed it because my anti-malware blocked the connection. After extensive testing, I was able to pinpoint this mod as the source.
    I am NOT accusing you of intentionally including a Trojan virus in your mod. It could be a false report, a connection you use to collect data to improve the mod, or it could have simply slipped in under your nose. It is not a GTA V exclusive virus, after all, since a similar virus attempted to hook onto Chrome.exe when I went to investigate the site.

    Just want you to be aware there is something about this mod that not all anti-virus software appreciates, that's all.
    Besides, since no blocked connections have come from anywhere else on my PC, it appears to be dormant. This means so as long as one is playing with the Wi-Fi turned off it should not be a problem.

    18 febbraio 2019
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    A very interesting and well put-together mod. It is simple yet effective, offering enough diversity to be entertaining for a long while. Though, I have noticed there are certain areas of the map the zombies do not work kindly with, spawning some distance away or simply standing there until I cross some invisible line. Plus the zombies have a tendency to despawn right in front of the player and appear behind them, which is kind of frustrating.
    Still, a fantastic mod, even with it's flaws.

    18 febbraio 2019