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    Can you get on skype sometime.

    07 aprile 2017
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    Those of you having the map/icons disappear on them, that only happens because your trying to use it online. I dont support online modding.

    @bomboclat I could increase the objects spawned but there is a hard limit of about 200-250 before the game can start freezing, i set it to 150 objects, 25 peds and 25 vehicles to be a safe number,

    23 luglio 2015
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    New version waiting approval


    - Added menu open/close input in Menu Options.
    - Fixed infinite loading after using model changer while dead or being arrested.
    - Reset cursor position when menu is opened.
    - Disabled phone and recording shortcuts showing while in menu.
    - Menu open/close input hold delay no longer tied to fps.
    - Added a confirm before the menu reset option.

    23 luglio 2015
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    Why you gotta copying everything thats on console trainer.

    02 giugno 2015
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    @jedijosh920 i was gonna have alook into porting over console trainer v to pc once i finished with console versions.

    05 maggio 2015
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    Aww now i cant have the name PC Trainer V. :(

    05 maggio 2015