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  • 3411be alex9581

    See my improvements in your game. (If you want).

    7 giorni fa
  • 3411be alex9581


    8 giorni fa
  • 3411be alex9581

    Thank you!
    I'm glad you like my site.
    Yes, unfortunately time is against us. Always it is not enough, especially when you are far beyond 30 years
    Well, I'll write to you as I have free time. Only I promise nothing. Once again, have a nice day :)

    27 settembre 2018
  • 3411be alex9581

    @schnurboy For all my projects, I do in 3ds Max new UV-map for all car. Here is one of my new projects:

    Then I draw from scratch almost all the textures in the program Adobe Illustrator.
    Some of my works:

    btw, I recommend adding all the textures in this compression except normal textures.

    And yes, I see that you painted / darkened the specular texture. Now the wheels are black, but they should be chrome plated. The author uses this texture for reflection in the materials. And you made it black. The whole chrome became black.
    I see that the wheels are black, the panel in the interior is purple / green. And the tire is green.
    In any case, keep it up! But I recommend taking and converting the mod yourself! You certainly have talent in this business! Have a nice day :)

    27 settembre 2018
  • 3411be alex9581

    @schnurboy I say. When an incorrect UV-map, any textures are useless. In this mods (as well as almost all projects from this author) is a very bad UV-map - for all cars. Interior/exterior..etc
    btw, I see that some textures on your screenshots are green. You need to desaturate them and add them to png - in compression A8R8G8B8. (I recommend).

    27 settembre 2018
  • 3411be alex9581

    если мапинг херовый -любым текстурам грош цена.

    27 settembre 2018
  • 3411be alex9581

    @Mr Vano 42
    1.) Copy in folder mods all the original game.
    2.) Install modified config
    3.) Add this package only.
    4.) Start a new game.
    I tested it on Steam licenses and pirates. No problems.
    Record video?

    26 settembre 2018
  • 3411be alex9581

    @Mr Vano 42
    No problems. Only do not specify me in authorship. Just write in description "thanks to Alex9581 for help.

    26 settembre 2018
  • 3411be alex9581

    @Mr Vano 42 @SLY95ZER
    Mr Vano 42 Car Pack [Add-On (OIV)] v1.0 (13 cars).
    All add-on and all settings -made from scratch/small fix textures..
    ENJOY! :)

    26 settembre 2018
  • 3411be alex9581

    @SaleeN ,
    I write you a private message in

    23 settembre 2018