Vehicle Collision System / Repair / Push 2.6b hotfix



NOTE So,untill i figured out how to make wheels steer when character is out of vehicle, please use those mods to control vehicle push direction! AND

On video you can see how it works.

Note To repair vehicle you need to stay near front bumber and open bonnet,also vehicle engine health must be less then 200 points (if engine is smoking you can fix it.To open bonnet use some other scripts like by @Razorwings18 or by @ikt).

On video you can see how it works.


Tired of unrealisitc drivers reaction when bumping in their vehicles with yours?
This mod adds some realism in the game.When you're hitting someone elses car,the victim will call the police and you will have to wait until officer arrive and ask you to pay a ticket,otherwise you'll get +1 wanted level;
Also with this mod you can fix a broken engine, push vehicle forward or backward.Also this mode brings more realistic vehicle crash system.If you will get some crash,the engine will be damaged and degrade withing some random time range and shutdown untill you fix it.


- Engine degradation after serious car crash with random timer;
- Engine repair with animation ,wrench in hands and sound effects;
- Push car on foot;
- Pain sound on collision;
- Health penalty on collision;
- Health penalty from falling from bike without helmet based on speed condition;
- Report system by the crashed car victim;
- Bike collision system ( character will fall from the bike much easier and more realistic way with greater damage in case if character doesnt wear helmet or less damage if he does);


Just drop all files from the Script folder to your GTAV/Scripts/ folder;


-GTA V v1.0.877.1 to 1.0.1290.1 or higher (Probably old versions will work too,i havent tested it yet);
-Latest ScriptHookV;
-ScriptHookVDotNet2.5 or higher;
-NAudio.dll(included in latest version);



-Improved vehicle health system;
-Improved crash vehicle report system;
-Added option to turn off every single module in .ini file;


-Script optimization;
-Improved collision system(Now it requaries even some cosmetical damage to make victim call the cops);


-Fixed issue that caused game crash;


-Added "Push vehicle" function(its not finished yet.So you can just push vehicle forward if your standing near front driverside door or backward if you stay near front bumer);
-Improved engine degradation after serious vehicle crash(The engine will degradate randomly after its happening you wont be able to start vehicle untill you'll fix the engine.Soon i'll vehicle repair function with animation and so on.Also i advise you to use my EngineControlAnim script to be able to start engine if it just shutted once after car crash).


-Added vehicle repair function( Note To repair vehicle you need to stay near front bumber and open bonnet,also vehicle engine health must be less then 200 points (if engine is smoking you can fix it.To open bonnet use some other scripts like by @Razorwings18 or by @ikt).


-Improved animation position (Now it should work fine with all vehicles);
-Added different animations for car repairing and pushing backward depending on car height;
-Added repairing sound;


-Fixed crash report to police functions after update;
-Added detection of Engine side (Now character will fix the engine and not he hood on the vehicles wich has engine from behind);
-Improved animation bugs on some vehicles;
-Improved push car system(For example if door is broken the script will detect it and pick other point to push vehicle instead of breaking push script and make vehicle unpushable);


-Added possobility to turn off "vehicle push" and "repair car" modules in .ini file;


-Improved car crash victim behaviour;
-Fixed some more issues that could cause game crash if victim report system module was on;


-Fixed issue with mission interference (Now mission entities wont behave like crash victims and ruin some missions and minigames);
-Removed dubug string after victim report ("False" string);


-Totally reworked crash accident system; (Now vehicle accident victims will call the police officer and wait untill he show up,unless this moment, you have to stay nearby,otherwise you'll get wanted level (+1); (Watch the new video)
-Improved vehicle collision and damage system;
-code optimization;


Replace config file (VehicleCollision.ini)

-Character wont loose control after car crash;
-Random peds wont try to steal vicitms car anymore;
-Fixed issue with ticket pay buttons press;
-Added random sum of pay ticket;
-Added function in .ini file to turn on/off ignore previous victims (You dont need to pay if you crash again the same victims car,untill victim is gone);
-Added speech and animation when character pays ticket;


Replace config file (VehicleCollision.ini)

-Added function in .ini file "Ignore scratches" (If "ignore_scratches" = true, only sirious damage will be counted to initiate car crash report script module);
-Improved victim's behaviour (Now victim will turn to police officer,as he arrived);


-Added option to hide/show wrench in characters hand while repairing vehicle;
-Added health/injury system(If character crashed in vehicle he will be injured until you replenish health in any way you like);


-Added specific camera mod for each action;


-Now character will open vehicle hood automaticly if its closed;
-Now character wont be able to push car on to big hills;


-Improved victim's and cop's A.I. behaviour (if you start fight with victim,make vicitm scare he wont report the police on you);
-Now the police patrol will be searched in area first,and if it exists it will be dispatched on crash scene, if not,the new patrol will be created;
-Officer now will be marked as "cop",so if you do something illigal (hurt victim or someone will hurt you,he will act as normal cop);
-Replaced wrench with screwdriver;


-Fixed bug where car would slowdown after crash;
-Fixed bug where character could die sitting in car due characters switch on some missions;
-Added possobility to turn off fixed cameras for vehicle push and repair in .ini file;


-Fixed issues with injury system(Now should work fine);
-Added global bleeding and injury system (If character has less then 50 hp he start loosing blood and will move like injured ped);


-Removed shaking camera effect;
-Added visual injuries on character after car crash;


Don't forget to replace VehicleCollision.ini file in VehicleCollision folder
-Added key to quickly turn on/off bike collision system / car crash system / victim report system ("End" by default,useful for some missions,like when Trevor needs to jump on train with bike);
-Added possobility to turn off/on injury camer effects;
-Added injury camera effects after car crash;


-Added accident car crash "fault" factor (If character was driving considering basic traffic laws(speed limit,driving on right side, or wasnt moving at all the victim will pay him a ticket);
-Fixed issue with cop models (If you play as cop or SWAT the victim will pay you a ticket ,once you out of your car);


-Improved vehicle damage system;
-Improved vehicle push in hill system;

2.6b Hotfix

-Fixed script crash after repair vehicle with fixed camera disabled status;
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