TrafficCameras 1.7b




That script will set traffic violation cameras on some traffic lights,and if you will drive too fast,ignore redlight signal,drive against traffic, hit ped or vehicle or drive on pavement, the LSPD will send you fine

ticket on your account.


- Cameras on some traffic lights;
- Camera icons on minimap;
- Camera sound and effects;
- 9 Traffic violations with 9 different tickets values;
- Save tickets values for each character even after close game;
-Pay tickets in Police Station,to avoid cops harasments;
-The patrol cops will check your license plates if you have unpaid tickets;


Just drop all files from the Script folder to your GTAV/Scripts/ folder;

How to use:
The script will automaticly register 9 traffic violation, if you driving a car and : Speeding, Driving on Pavement, Driving Against Traffic, Hit Vehicle, Hit Ped, Doesnt use headlights in twilight, Doesnt use seatbelt

(if you use my seatbelt latest version script only),using phone while driving,ignore redlight signal.


-GTA V v1.0.877.1 to 1.0.1290.1 or higher (Probably old versions will work too,i havent tested it yet);
-Latest ScriptHookV;
-ScriptHookVDotNet2.5 or higher;



-Added "No headlights in twilight" fine;
-Added My Seatbelt (latest version) script support;
-Added "No seatbelt" fine;
-Added TrafficCameras.ini file;
-Added possobility to turn off specific fines in .ini file;
-Added possobility to turn on/off script by pressing "End" by default (Can be changed in .ini file);


-Added camera models for traffic lights;
-Modifed "headlight" fine (If you have one headlight broken you will have to pay 25$,if you have both of them broken,you will have to pay 50$);
-Improved camera shot effects;
-If you driving police car,you won't get fined;


-Perfomance optimization;
-Modifed cop car condition(Now you won't get fined,while driving police car only if you have siren active);


Replace all files
-Added different speed limit for each street type and location (Highway: 60 miles; Regular: 40-45 miles; Slow: 35 miles)
-Added speed limit notification;
-Added possobility to switch camera angle, while getting caught (can be changed in .ini file);
-Added possobility to change value of drawing camera distance (can be changed in .ini file);
-Added "Hold phone in hands,while driving" fine;
-Blips issues fixed;
-Added more suitable locations for script to scan;
-Perfomance optimization;

1.4 Hotfix

-Fixed issue with floating cameras in the air if trafficlight was destroyed;


-Added "Redlight signal ignore" fine;


Replace all files
-Improved redlight violation detection function;
-Fixed seatbelt fine issue(Now you will get fined for no seatbelt only if you drive a car);
-Added "No Helmet Fine";
-Fixed issue with annoying camera lock after each fine(The camera won't be locked on the same camera model anymore,unless you leave the place);
-Totaly reworked fine system(Now you won't get paid automaticly, but you can visit a police station(Will be bliped,to pay you fines on your own will,But if you won't pay your fines and will pass near police cars,they will start to check your license plate (Can change in .ini file how fast) and once they finished,you will get wanted level.


-Added support for "Better Vehicle View" script (Now the camera will get back at its previous position,instead of changing view,after you got caught);
-Added possobility to check speed limit and unpaid fines (While sitting in vehicle ,take out phone and press "Context" button to get info);
-Fixed blips issues;
-Script optimization;


Replace TrafficCameras.ini file
-Added possobility to turn off capture camera effect for those who have issues with stucking camera for some reason(Haven't figured out the reason yet).The option called "CAMERA_CAPTURE_MODE" in .ini file,just set it to "false;
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