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This mod is a sort of add-on for the Open Interiors by NewTheft

If you get the error "FATAL: Can't find native 0x31D23FC8CCD18DC3" you need to update both your game (to the version 1180.2) and the Script Hook V

With this script it's not possible to:
Enable the MP Map. Look for "loadMultiplayerMap=0" and change it to "loadMultiplayerMap=1" in the OpenInteriors.ini to enable it
Customize the Maze Bank Tower Office. Look for "officeStyle" in the OpenInteriors.ini to change the interior
Customize the Biker Clubhouses. Look for "motorcycleClubStyle" in the OpenInteriors.ini to customize the interior
Teleport to the Maze Bank Tower Office, Biker Clubhouses and Warehouses

Why? Because those features are already avaible with Open Interiors

For any problem such as interiors/interior decals not loading, blips not showing or something else not working, make sure to post:
Game version
Script Hook V version
Script Hook V NET version
Script Hook V NET log

If the Assistant isn't spawning (or it's just standing) it's because the script has crashed. I know that and once i finish with the main script and it's (most probably still laying around) problems i will fix it

Interior props for the Biker Clubhouses, Warehouses and Maze Bank Tower Office
Vehicle Warehouse
Maze Bank Tower 60 Car Garage
Maze Bank Tower Mod Garage
Vagos grave (closed)
Gunrunning Yacht
10 Car Garage (MP Map variant)
Doors at the Vagos warehouse (El Burro Heights)
Lost MC Clubhouse (East Vinewood)
Fort Zancudo Tower elevator teleport
Director Mode Casting Trailer teleport (there is a marker at a trailer just outside Solomon's office)
Ability to request a helicopter (Buzzard or Cargobob) from the Assistant desk (MBT office)
Ability to sleep at the Maze Bank Tower office/Vehicle Warehouse/Bunker/Hangar (time will advance of 6 hours, wanted level will be removed, blood wounds will be cleaned and wet clothes will be dried)
Water around the aircraft carrier/Heist yacht/Gunrunning yacht lowers when being near
Assistant at the Maze Bank Tower Office
Covered cars inside the Vehicle Warehouse
Chair (Assistant desk/Vehicle Warehouse office/Bunker desk/Hangar office)

Fixed window at Michael's house
Doors at the Bahama Mamas West (inside)
Water for the Heist and Gunrunning Yacht jacuzzi
Shutter at the Lombank, Maze Bank West and Maze Bank Tower Office garages (they will unload automatically when the player is near)

Latest game version (1180.2)
Latest Script Hook V
Latest Script Hook V NET
Open Interiors (make sure from the OpenInteriors.ini to change "loadMultiplayerMap=0" to "loadMultiplayerMap=1")

OPTIONAL REQUIREMENTS (needed for the Map Fix DLC Pack)
Mods folder

Move OnlineInteriors.cs, OnlineInteriors.ini, OnlineInteriorsProps.cs and OfficeAssistant.cs in the scripts folder

Move the map_fix folder in update/x64/dlcpacks and add dlcpacks:\map_fix\ to the dlclist.xml (mods/update.rpf/common/data)
NOTE: for some reason the whole dlc list line is not shown so open the readme included in the archive and copy it from there

To customize the interiors open OnlineInteriors.ini
NOTE: to enable the interior prop you need to change "Disabled" with the interior prop name
Example: "Office Booze = Disabled" needs to be changed in "Office Booze = office_booze"

CHANGELOG v1.8 (for previous versions changelog check OldVersionChanges.txt inside the archive)
Fixed the Vehicle Warehouse sleep position (thanks to xieruiming for reporting it)
Fixed a problem that caused certain interiors floors/decals not loading when entering on foot
Increased a bit the Vehicle Warehouse entrance/exit markers range
OnlineInteriors.ini updated
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