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This is an edited version of the Native Trainer, initially I designed this to add in functionality to change the position of the character so that you can clip through walls but I also plan on adding other features that I feel would be useful.

Change Log

- Added Flare Gun and Flare to Get All Weapons.
- Added output of current coordinates to Change Pos menu.

- Added support for loading and visiting North Yankton (thanks to TacoDeBoss).
- Added Custom Teleport feature.
- Moved all features into the GU Menu section.

- Initial release.
- Added change position of character feature.
- Added mobile phone radio feature.

Current Features

- Change Position of Character

Make minor adjustments to the player position so you can clip through walls and maybe even find a secret. Note that the Hold Pos function doesn't hold 100% but it holds enough to keep you in place instead of falling through the world.

- Custom Teleport

Add your own teleports without coding and on the fly (you can edit the file while GTA is running). Simply make sure you copy the included custom_teleport.txt into the same folder as the NativeTrainer.asi and edit as you see fit. Syntax is TELEPORTNAME,X,Y,Z. Note the menu doesn't look the greatest with long teleport names but it does the job.

I hope to include functionality to show your current coordinates soon so you can record them for later usage.

- Load Areas

Currently only supports North Yankton (Special thanks to TacoDeBoss for his work finding out how to do this). Hopefully more areas will come but so far I haven't been able to work any out yet. If anyone has any information on this subject i'd be glad to hear it.

Usage: Pick the area you wish to load and it'll load into memory. Then simply visit the relevant area (or teleport).

- Enable Mobile Phone Radio

Allows the radio to continue playing while out of the car, you can also change the radio station while out of the car but if you're going to do this you may want to make the radio wheel button different to the cover button.


- Install Script Hook V as per the Script Hook V forum post (
- Instead of using the included NativeTrainer.asi, use the one in the download on this page.


- See the Script Hook V forum post for usage instructions of the trainer (

Every feature of this mod is now under the GU Menu.

Any suggestions or feedback are welcome in the comments below.
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