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Little Jacob is in LS and he is ready to sell you some weapons. You can buy any DLC weapon from him, and even normal weapons too if you don't feel like going to ammunation.

Not only you can buy weapons, you can apply all the modifications available in the game, tints, scopes, camos, and more!

Also, this mod makes sure you don't lose any of the DLC weapons you bought by keeping your loadout data in a save file made by the script. So you can close the game and not worry about losing your weapons!

About non main character peds
Normally, these peds don't have any money, therefore, they can't buy anything. For this problem you have two options:
  • Player companion by Lemon
  • . This script creates a wallet for each ped you play as, allowing them to have their own money and actually spend it.
  • Character Swap by alloc8or
  • . This script allows you to change your current ped's hash to one of the main characters, which makes it possible to "use" their money. This option has two problems, the first one is the money is frozen, it doesn't go down no matter how much you spend. The second is, unlike the first option, your character doesn't have their own money.

Gear Menu
This new menu, available when you're playing as MP Female or MP Male, allows you to equip owned combat helmets, purchased from Jacob.

Adding weapons to Jacob's store


Recommended mods

Extract the .rar file and place the contents in your scripts folder

  • Open the shop menu: E or DPad Left
  • Toggle helmet googles: G or L3
  • Open helmets menu: PageDown key
  • Rotate preview weapon down: Numpad4
  • Rotate preview weapon up: Numpad6
  • Rotate preview weapon back: Numpad8
  • Rotate preview weapon front: Numpad5

Controls can be modified in the ini file

How to start
Open your phone and search for Little Jacob in your phone contacts, he is probably at the bottom of the list. After you call him he will show up in the map with a green letter L icon.

When you arrive at Jacob's just approach his car's trunk and you should see a help text indicating you to press a key to start browsing the store.

Known Issues
  • According to @Nightcralwer913 's comments, if you're using LSPDFR, the shop menu won't show up once you enter Jacob's inventory

  • Script by me
  • Script Hook V SDK by Alexander Blade
  • Script Hook V .Net by Crosire
  • LemonUI by Lemon
  • iFruitAddon2 by Bob74
  • Little Jacob created by Rockstar Games
  • thalilmythos, he has contributed with lots of ideas for this mod
  • Combat Rifle


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