Huge Thanks To These People:

Hi, This is the GTA ONLINE experience brought to Story Mode, Tired of failing cause of teammates need no worry no failures here just fun, Tired of shark card promotion getting shoved down your throat then here ya go no stupid microtransactions here.
This is a WORK IN PROGRESS so it's not fully done and is not fully complete there is a lot of stuff I have to do.

To Start Go to LSIA and look for the big Red O with a question mark on it on your map, then look for a red marker, and then you can start from there make sure you have made a character with the character creator before starting so that you register properly into the cutscenes for the introduction.

If for some reason you cannot find the blip and it doesn't show then try upgrading your SHVDN i have a vid here -
Help Video

The ai companion system is not out yet so the invite player thing in the finale does not work yet so only select none instead


Now Remember I will be doing Mission by Mission And Heist by Heist and so on and so forth, so please be patient cause, in the end, the mod will be awsome it just takes a lot of time (especially with having school and crap) so just let me do my thing so yall can have a good time and a good overall experience.


Memento Mori, UNUS ANNUS

To Install -
drag the .dll, .pdb, and the .ini AND theGTAONLINEOFFLINEAssets Folder into the scripts folder
You NEED the assets folder in order to play otherwise your script will also crash upon starting up the mod.

Needed mods -
You do not need an interior mod because i load all the interiors myself
Script Hook V
Naudio - is included in the download folder
Community Script Hook You also do not need character swap as i also change the models when needed for cutscenes so you're always in the leader position

If you need help feel free to contact me on discord or on my server at bug reports or just general help - - (CruelMasterMC's Server)
4.1 -
- turned off my debug lmao and added a folder that will, later on, include videos for explanations and how-to vids
4.0 -
- Major Update and overhaul to mods UI to look more like online
- added so the hud is not in your face all the time and can be activated by clicking the alt key
- Improved mission pass so its not garbage and is exactly like online with the big stat wall
- Added Ranks up to 13
- Added Apartment and The Eclipse Towers Apartment
- Lester will now sound like he's on the phone during missions thanks to Slick
- Teammates are not added so don't touch that for The Fleeca Job Finale
- Added The Fleeca Job Heist
- overall improvements to the mod to make it into a better online experience
- Added Character Creater
- Updated the Introduction to the mod
3.0 -
- Updated UI a lot to look way better than what it was before
- Added new wallet system
- Improved mission pass so its not garbage and is exactly like online where it freezes in the cutscenes
- Added Ranks up to 11
- Added Lowrider intro and FIrst Mission (Community Outreach) with a team system
- Added new Secret Business that will be started with A contact and buying the place with a whole new made cutscene by me and voiced over by me
- Added function for ai to automatically Parachute when falling in the air
- if you change your model your teammates will remain on your team so that's no longer an issue
- Added Lester menu that you may contact to Lose cops and have the cops turn a blind eye for 5 mins
- Added Alex Contact (For Future update)
2.0 -
Added 4 ranks
Added Blow up 1 Contact mission (Simeon)
Added Trevor introduction call and cutscene and 1 contact mission (Trevor)
Added Lester intro cutscene (Lester phone contact coming soon)
Updated ranks a bit so that your automatically given the guns and unlocks at the start of the script
Added first death cutscene (both genders)
Updated the mission pass by a little to make it sem like its dropping down more
1.0 -
Base Mod
A couple of cutscenes
1 Contact Mission (Simeon)
Introduction into GTA ONLINE - OFFLINE
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