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This is reanimation of GTAV scripts collection that i've created.
This collection contains my improved and fixed previous mods like:
- Invenotry Dufflebag for stash weapons and outfit;
- Earphone radio mode that allows you to puton headset on character and activate mobile radion on foot;
- Smoke cigaretes on foot and in vehicle (Now cigaretes has durability and you have to resupply them by finding medkit or buying them from dealer;
- Use painkillers with improved animation (Has to be resupplied just like cigs);
- Check your money in wallet with improved animation;
- Put on/take off mask, gloves and glasses anytime you want;
- Use holster (requires to be purchased from a dealer);
- Intimidate peds while wearing holsters with specific animation;

Hold "Duck in vehicle" button while on foot or "Enter stealth mode/duck" button while in car to open main menu. In the bottom right corner will apear button instruction.
Once you'll see it, just press relevant buttons to activate required actions. Also, I've included Expansion.ini file in arhive, so you could change controls as you like.

Important information
You have to delete my standalone mods if you're gonna use this one.
Mods to delete:
-Dufflebag inventory (all my previous mods that related to bags or backpacks);
-Earphone radio;

- customize settings for each mod in one file (Expansion.ini);
- Stash weapons and outfit in dufflebag(requires to be bough from dealer, buy calling phonecontact named "Inventory dealer/seller" in your phonebook and meeting with him in closest to your char location);
- Stash dufflebag with saved in it outfit and weapons in any car or other place;
- Wear pistol holster and possibility to intimidate other peds while its on(requires to be purchased from the dealer as well);
- Use painkillers with improved animation and sound effects to restore your health (They will speed you up a little bit as well);
- You can buy painkillers from dealer now or grab them from medkits as well;
- Smoke cigs at any place,including cars;
- Cigaretes has durability and limitations from now on. You have to resupply them from dealer or medkits;
- Puton/ take off headset and activate mobile radio once its on;
- Count your money in the wallet with animation;
- Customize buttons and some mods behaviour in Expansion.ini file;
- Put on/take off mask, gloves or glasses in any time;

How to install

Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet2 .dll scripts)


.NET Framework 4.8 or higher
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV v1.0.1868.0
ScriptHookVDotNet v3.0.2
Naudio.dll (Included in arhive)
NativeUI.dll (included in arhive)

- Added dufflebag black textures in arhive;
- Dufflebag will be lost your character will die;
- Added chance to drop dufflebag when character is in ragdoll mode;

- Fixed pills swallow anim interruption bug (Character will now will drop jar if anim was interrupted);
- Added function to save supplies(Ciggaretes and painkillers) for each character;
- Changed dealer interaction system (Now the dealer will come to you on vehicle);
- Script was rewritten for ScriptHookVDotNet 3.0 (Script will no longer be supported for SC less then 3.0);


- Fixed holster mode issues related to pistol models;
- Fixed dufflebug wrong position issue after exiting menu and wearing backpack,diving gear or para;
- Fixed smoking in car blocking action issue;


- Fixed dufflebag position after menu close;
- Added control customization in .ini file;
- Added possibility to disable holster, dufflebag or outfit change modules;


- Improved compability with my VehicleBasicControl script (Seatbelt anim shouldnt stuck anymore while smoking in a car);


Replace WeaponStash.XML file

- Added StreetMusician compability (Dufflebag position will be changed if character has guitar attached);
- Fixed critical stashed bag spawn;
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