Car Jacker [LUA] 1.2

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Tired of all the manual work when getting into a car?
I got something right here that will make your life better, and no its not meth.

What does this mod do?
It does what its told!
Opens the door for you.
Starts the engine for you.
Disables alarm, unlocks and hotwires stolen car for you.
Scares the the 5 levels of crap out of people in other cars.
Makes you and your car immortal.
Teleports you into car.
(all of these can be easily toggled in the lua file)

What doesnt this mod do?
Everything else

It should be compatible with almost everything, including the IVStyleExitVehicle mod since this script will only attempt to start the engine when you are not touching the vehicle.
However do not activate its immortality feature if you use immortality from other mods.

How to Install:

1. Get Script Hook V
2. Get LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
3. Unpack the contents of CarJacker.rar into Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins

How to configure and use:
1. Open the CarJacker.lua and you will know exactly what to do
2. Ingame, go to any vehicles and ettempt to enter it

start engine function
unlock door function added
code rewritten
5 new functions added
mod name changed

If this mod does not work for you, or should any other issue arise with this mod, or if you have a fancy idea that we could implement, please do comment, however keep in mind that this script should activate things only when you attempt to enter/exit a vehicle, so not all the good ideas will be implemented simply because they do not fit the nature of this mod.

You can modify and reupload this mod without my permission, but please credit me as the original author.
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