British Number Plates 2.0.0

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🚗 British Number Plates - V2.0.0 🚗

## Overview

This script enhances the British-style vehicle number plates in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) by providing customization options and intelligent plate generation. It ensures a realistic representation of British traffic environments.

## Features

- Compatibility with various vehicle models and classes in GTA V.
- Dynamic adaptation of number plate styles based on vehicle class, such as trucks, military vehicles, and aircraft.
- Support for unique number plate formats for emergency vehicles, including police cars and helicopters.
- Real-time detection and adjustment of number plates for trailers, ensuring consistency across vehicle combinations.
- Extensive configuration options via an intuitive settings file for easy customization of number plate styles and behaviors.

## Requirements
1. Make sure you have ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet

## Installation
1. Place the `BritishNumberPlates.dll` & `BritishNumberPlates.ini` file into your GTA V *"scripts"* folder.

## How to Use
Get into the game after installation! Once in, walk around and find vehicles, or spawn one yourself using in-game commands or mods. Enjoy the customized number plates on the vehicles you encounter!

## Changelog

#### V2.0.0 | Enhanced Plate Customization
- **Enhanced Plate Customization:** Introduced advanced customization options for number plate formats, catering to different vehicle types and scenarios.
Requested by @a_asdf556
- **Automatic Adjustment:** Implemented automatic adjustment of number plates based on the current year and month for enhanced authenticity.
#### V1.0.0 | Initial Release
- **Initial Release:** The script is now available for download.

## Future Development
Future updates may include additional features such as enhanced plate generation algorithms, support for more vehicle types, and improved integration with other GTA V mods.

## Feedback and Contributions
We welcome any feedback or suggestions for improving the script. If you have ideas for new features or enhancements, feel free to contribute to the project or reach out to us with your suggestions.
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