Bank Accounts 1.0


Bank Accounts mod for GTA V by NoLimit
Version 1.0, February 5th 2022

Mod description:
This mod allows every character to have multiple bank accounts. You make deposits and withdrawals through your phone. Every account can have a custom name. You setup the accounts throught the .ini file. This allows you to go beyond 2,147,483,647 dollars limit, because you can now store 2,147,483,647 dolllars in each account. You can make more accounts and have more money than you will ever need. This mod can be really fun for roleplaying having different accounts for different bussinesses, savings, etc.

There are four groups of accounts: Franklin, Michael, Trevor and other. Other is for peds that are not one of the three protagonists (if you spawn them with trainer and like to play like that).

This mod was inspired by AccountInBank by Inco and Mobile Money Vault from HKH191. I tried to combine some functionality from both and also add something new to the game. AccountInBank by Inco seemed limited by only one account per player, and Mobile Money Vault by HKH191 seemed limited to only 10 accounts, no custom names and no seperation between characters. This mod improves on that and leaves out other stuff like comission, interest, fees, transfering funds between characters or sharing the same vaults. You can use those mods for that functionality and support the authors of which I am a great fan. I made this for fun and for myself, and I do not plan on adding any new functionality. This is what I needed for my roleplay, and I share it with the community as it is.

- iFruitAddon2 ( used for development)
- NativeUI ( used for development)
- ScriptHookVDotNet3 ( used for development)

Installation instructions:
- copy BankAccounts.dll and BankAccounts.ini into scripts folder

Account setup instructions:
There are four sections [Franklin], [Michael], [Trevor], [Other].
In each section there are 3 things you can change.
First thing is number of accounts you want to have for that player. It is set by NUMBEROFACCOUNTS = X.
The second thing is the account name, set by ACCOUNTNAME[X].
The third thing is the ammount of money stored in the account, set by MONEYSTORED[X]. Set this to zero when you make a new account.
You can add or remove accounts as you wish, just make sure that NUMBEROFACCOUNTS number adds up with how many lines of ACCOUNTNAME and MONEYSTORED you have! Reload the script after making changes for them to appear in game.

Known error:
If you reload the script manually while playing as a spawned ped, an error will pop up in the first second. The script will still load normally and everything will function normally. This is an edge case and it does not affect the functionality, so I do not plan on fixing it.

That's it, go and have fun with this as much as I did.
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