Alien Invasion 2.0

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V2.0 Release!
The war is no longer confined to a small area.This is a big change, and I will make this mod to be more like a real alien invasion war in the future!

Aliens launch a large-scale invasion of Los Santos. The whole city is in chaos and the military will not sit idly by.

They will respond with:
-Crusader light jeep
-HVY Insurgent
-HVY Insurgent pick-up
-Barracks transport truck
-Rhino main battle tank
-Cargobob cargo helicopter
-Valkyrie light attack helicopter
-Savage heavy attack helicopter

The aliens use the powerful railgun, and the army use the carbine rifle.

Which side do you want to join?

This is my first mod, it alows you to define so much aliens and soldiers you want!

Suggestion: turn on God mode. Have fun!:D
(Sorry for my bad English......)

  • Alien vs. Army
  • A Super Crazy War

  • Installation
  • Add the .dll and .ini files from the rar to the scripts folder.

  • Controls
  • Press B(default) to open AlienInvasion Menu.

  • Prerequisite
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
    - ScriptHookV 1.0.944.2
    - Script Hook V .NET 2.9.4
    - NativeUI 1.7

  • Added a New Mode.
  • The aliens will active attack peds and cops now.
  • The aliens won't be quickly remove when they dead.(Only works in new mode)
  • You will have unlimited ammo for Railgun when change model to "Alien".
  • The army will use some heavy weapons,like heavy sniper rifle, combat MG, grenade-launcher and RPG.(Low probability & new mode only)
  • [Fixed]When player driving a army's vehicle and the vehcile will still be remove.
  • [Fixed]The menu frequently flashing problem.
  • Other changes.

  • v1.4a
  • Fixed a problem that would cause mod to crash.

  • v1.4
  • Fixed a serious FPS drop problem.
  • Other bugfixes.

  • v1.3
  • Added Hard Mode.
  • Some bugfixes.

  • v1.2
  • You can to be a hero/alien and join this war now.
  • Bodies and wreckage won't be quickly remove.
  • Other changes.

  • v1.1
  • Added Setting Menu.

  • v1.0
  • Initial Release.
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    Ultimo Aggiornamento: 16 hours ago
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    58 Commenti

    • Default

      I know it is a bit irrelevant to this mod but it would be nice if we can choose what weapons the NPCs use, what their models are and the vehicles they spawn in with.

      10 giorni fa
    • 672c89 2016 02 s07
    • Eb507b 3yywiok

      wtf when I start this the army is shooting me too...

      10 giorni fa
    • Eb507b 3yywiok

      plus there are some serious fps drops

      10 giorni fa
    • A53342 img 0894

      Wow cool I think you should add the fort zancudo UFO

      9 giorni fa
    • 9db5b1 bf411dd67a09d6869c5f7622bd86ac41106e5b10 512

      This drops the frame rate significantly. Cool idea though.

      9 giorni fa
    • 6d962a yodathehobbit transparentbackground

      I kinda thought it would be a bit bigger, more UFO which suck up people and cars. Plus I can't spawn more that 10-15 on each side or it eventually crashes my game.

      9 giorni fa
    • Dc7bcf 14

      no lol. so I dont have a script folder in my GTA 5 directory. so I was wondering if you could make this work if you just simple create a new folder and name it "script"?

      9 giorni fa
    • Hipster

      @ShelbyGT500FreaK Download and install the latest Script Hook V .NET

      9 giorni fa
    • Hipster

      @yy192227 放在游戏目录下的script文件夹,如果没有请下载并安装 Script Hook V .NET

      9 giorni fa
    • Hipster

      @Himura Video is amazing! :-D

      9 giorni fa
    • Hipster

      @Saberninja710 Sorry, I don't know how to do it through OpenIV :(

      9 giorni fa
    • Default

      This looks great thanks! Quick question/suggestion: can we change the weapon used by the aliens? The rail gun is great but one alone is tough; an army of them is like fighting against a nuke, haha! Maybe we could set the alien's weapon in the .ini/.cfg file? Not individual weapons or anything complex, just a single weapon that each alien uses. It'd be like the riot mod but with a sci-fi twist.

      9 giorni fa
    • Dc7bcf 14

      @CnyiAn217 already did like a month ago already

      8 giorni fa
    • Hipster

      @ShelbyGT500FreaK Create a new folder and name it "scripts"

      8 giorni fa
    • Default

      Great Mod really enjoy dropping the carnage and watching the chaos ensue.
      would like to see the cops respond to the invasion also .
      never the less it is still a blast to play.

      8 giorni fa
    • Default

      Where do i find the UFO file ?

      6 giorni fa
    • Default

      for anyone who needs help Installing Check This Tutorial Out

      5 giorni fa
    • 382f82 fikripp


      2 giorni fa
    • 67ff2e b bor 1

      哇 都更新到2.0了啊

      16 hours ago
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