NOOSE Tactical Response Unit (SWAT of GTA V) v.1


This is NOOSE! You're screwed!

We all heard that, haven't we? All those who fight thme cops I mean, but would you be really interested in this if you haven't though the shir out of cops already. Yeah, guess that doesn't matter and I, would like to show you something.

I present you my version of NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Agent, yeah I know not a retexture but a model I made all by myself(with tiny help, see bottom). Now, when I was getting into modding about 3 years ago I wanted a NOOSE Agent that would be a modern version of NOOSE from GTA IV but nobody seemed to have made a swat ped model with shoulder pads, elbow pads and nice helmet. Then I went through diffrent phases of what I like: GCPD SWAT, Military, PMCs, Black Ops I've gone through everything this site had to offer to me and yet, in the back of my head, it always remained. I wanted MY version of good ol' GTA IV NOOSE responder and after finding the right tools, possesing required knowledge and finding the right assests... I made it... myself.

After making all the assets, the textures, the everything I now want others to hopefully enjoy it as I do know and that's also why I decided to give everyone of you modders permisson to use all this ped has to offer to your own desire, so hopefully you can too make something great(just credit me)

Anyway, I talked enough, now how about you download it and enjoy it, hmm? Sounds good. Feedback always appreciated. Questions? Add me Borealis#9880 on Discord or mark me in the comments, I check this stuff sometimes. So... have fun!


1. Drag and drop(extract) NOOSE TRU folder from NOOSE TRU to your desktop(or other handy place)

2. Open OpenIV, if you don't have it check this tutorial (

3. If you don't have a "mods folder create one"

4. Enable "EDIT MODE" in upper right corner.

5. Go to x64e.rpf and click "Copy to «mods» folder"

6. Go to mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_s_m_y.rpf

7. Drag and drop all 4 files(s_m_y_swat_01.ydd etc.) from your chosen ped folder into mentioned above directory

8. Done!

Side notes:
Now, this new NOOSE TRU model will replace vanilla NOOSE/SWAT, if you want it to replace a diffrent model you need to change names of those 4 files to match that models file names and replace them in that models directory


If you are a modder and want to use this ped's components or textures in any way I don't have a problem with that BUT credit me appropriately



Base of helmet - Los Angeles Swat by Dima4887 (

Helmet glass and shoulder pads - GIGN Doc From R6 Siege by MAESTRE (

Elbow pads - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Special Air Service by MegaDeveloper (

Vest base - Realism Dispatch Enhanced by RDE Team (

Vest pouches, mask and head - Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. Skin by EXERCITO GAMER (

Other vest accesories - GIGN Ped by groans4u4 ( and NOOSE/DHS Officers by Notreid ([Doesn't exist anymore, try Wayback Machine])

Textures, remodeling, screenshots - Borealis (ME)
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