Johnny Klebitz cutscene model fixed 1.5



install: make a mods folder then copy x64v into that mods folder

then open x64v find streamedpeds_players.rpf and then open player_two and copy my files into that folder then delete feet 00 and hair 00

then then get quit x64v and in your mods folder make a update folder then x64 then dlcpacks and then copy patchday3ng in your mods update x64 dlcpacks and then open patchday3ng and find patchday3ng.rpf inside that fo in player_two and copy my files into that folder then your good its done now you can play as johnny k

back story behind the mod i wanted to play as johnny klebitz only problem is that i liked how johnny k looks in gta 5 so i made johnny a player model no more leg cliping through the ground no more hand glitching and it has facial anims in game and cutscene

known bugs: the hand clips through the jacket when i firstperson holding a pistol in 1.0

1.1 fixes the head now it has kinda normal facial anims and the head is now more compatable and lower head model uses the gta 4 head lower model and i moved the jacket a bit and i added the ig model lowr and uppr model two

it fixes the hand clipping through the jacket while in first person holding a pistol no bugs that i founded 1.1

1.2 its fixed now has a open mouth and its more compatable his neck tattoo is fixed

1.3 fixed facial anims. the head looking fuzzy is fixed and has neck tattoo
bugs: none that i know about in 1.3

and you can install it as a addonped

1.4 fixes the neck now the head looks a bit more like the cs model's head and the neck of johnny is from the cs model. the head does not look fuzzy and it has better facial anims

bugs: none that i found in 1.4

1.5 fixes the eyes and the mouth and the jacket is not resized it kinda looked weird before that johnny's head is bigger the his jacket so i fixed it

bugs none that i found in 1.5

oh and im sorry for the late upload i was just trying to fix the teef bugs and i did it
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