Reshademe and ENB settings 2.0


These setting use EMB and reshademe. You will need both in your game to work properly. Depending on your monitor setting you may have to go into the Final settings.ini and set the [Levels.fx] BlackPoint to a higher number to your preference. Also, the [DPX.fx] contrast to either a higher or lower number to your preference. Left SHIFT and DEL will get you into the menu for reshademe. There is one.ini Final settings file for the reshademe. The contrast is set at .580 under the (DPX.fx) settings. I find that .585 adds a bit more depth on my monitor but may vary on yours that's why I set it on this file for .580. Too much contrast for your monitor, slide left to lower the number (less contrast) I find under .520 is to dark, not enough contrast slide right and the [Levels.fx] for the blachPoint. Too dark slide left to lighten, too light slide right to make the number darker. These setting are for the least impact on F.P.S. The EMB settings have a minimal tweaking to the setting.

I've seen too many settings where too many shaders were used to get the same effect which in turn impacts F.P.S. These setting are for the lowest impact on F.P.S. On average only a 5 to 7 F.P.S. impact. This may vary depending on your rig. (graphics card, CPU, etc.) I've worked on tweaking these setting for over 5 years. I hope it looks as good on your monitor as it does mine. (Always remember to back up your files and folders) After backing up your files just copy and paste my files and folders into your main GTA V folder. Enjoy.

I don't know if these settings are compatible with Evolved because with my settings I never saw a need to upgrade from Natural vision remastered to Evolved.

I tweaked the colors and contrast. See what works for your monitor for the best results. All monitor settings differ. See above instructions if the contrast is too bright for your monitor.

The ENB setting will give reflections in puddles of your character.

If the screen seems too blue. Go into shader settings Left SHIFT and DEL will get you into the menu for reshademe. scroll down to sepia fx and set B: to 73 or lower (will add red) to your preference. Enjoy

The Ronin shooter character is a custom retexture and modified by me. I made from an Alex189 ped mod from here on 5mods. Not available at this time.
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