RDR/Max Payne Euphoria 1.0


**After a few years I got my PC back and decided to update this mod. Sorry for the long wait! I learned more about all the tasks and how they work and how to even rewrite them simpler via the physicstasks.ymt file.
Please let me know of any issues and I will try to adjust them but so far I've had no issues and this is probably the best Euphoria Modification out there so far.
If you decide to edit my File please credit me...
I've seen so many people stealing my old files with no credit. Not calling out names but there's a ton of them...

Peds Stand too long for headshots but It's not that buggy looking to see what's causing it.


1.0 - The whole file has been changed/updated to a better cleaner layout for others to edit.
(Just credit me if you do)
Everything is more natural than ever before. No weapon edits at all it's via Physicstasks.ymt
All weapons have been adjusted and nothing is forced or looks unnatural
it feels/looks like you're playing Max Payne 3 and slight version of Red Dead Redemption

v0.2.5b - *Added HighFall Tunables from combattasks
*Added Red Dead's slower HighFall Falling. Example Video;(

v0.2.4b - *Added new Example video (that's not total and utter garbage.)

*Tweaked RollDownstairs and rollingfall

*Added Brace for impact to steepslope

*Tweaked Explosion Reactions.

v0.2.3b - * Added mpbikers support

*Peds will reach for headshots when dead

*Added all bone tags to weapons so every naturalmotion task is applied to every bone now instead of only 2-4.

*Added Balance reset so peds can rebalance now instead of instantly falling over

*Headshots have multiple reactions(Staggering, Instant Drops, FallToKnees, etc..

*Added ShootDodge arms IK tasks to give the players arm a better look when shooting around corners and holding guns.(This task was in both Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption.

*Tweaked balance to where the peds will stay standing when continuously shot.

*Tweaked RollingFall and RollDownStairs.

*Added NaturalMotion Blend task from Red Dead and Max Payne 3 so the player/peds ragdoll better with whatever they are colliding with players, objects, etc..

*Added Flinch Tasks from Red Dead so the when the ped is dying/falling they'll raise their hands above thier heads.

*Removed BodyWrithe/Spasms and only applied it to the shotguns as it makes more sense.(The values were extremely lowered and look a lot better and more real.)

*Lots more tasks added and more things but I forgot sorry lol.

v0.2.2b - *Fixed ground spasm issue.

*Added Balance(Beta) when falling. (Isn't really working but it is at the same time you just won't balance 100% of the time.)

v0.2.1b - *Fixed crash issue with gameconfig files.

v0.2b - *Uploaded wrong files on accident sorry about that.

*Added beta arm flailing when shot like in RDR (There's a glitch where if a ped does not die when falling from a ledge or great heights and they hit the ground, they'll just basically spasm on the ground forever until they die.)

*Forgot to enable StayUpRight on shot_base it should now be enabled.

*Crash issue for some users should be fixed (Don't install a mod that overwrites any of my files.)

v0.1b - Beta Release.
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