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This extremely helpful mod will assist you at all costs when you're wanted by the police.

Must have OpenIV 2.6 to install this mod.
CREATE BACKUP FILES!!! Do NOT use this in GTA Online!

Having trouble with cops rear ending you 24/7? No problem.
Having issues with cops catching up to you in a super car? No problem.

This edit to handling.meta allows you to escape police quickly- perfect for missions that involve cops.
Instead of them posing as a threat to you, you pose as a threat to them.

--What I did--
- I dumbed down the police vehicles to a ridiculous level. They crawl to a top speed of 60 mph.
- I made it to where if you hit a police car with a random road car, take an issi (minicooper) for example, they will go flying across the street (or block) and either stop working or explode.
- I also made it to if the police cars do manage to hit you, most likely there won't be that much damage to your vehicle, but a catastrophic amount to theirs.

Vehicles Impacted
- Police Stanier (crown victoria)
- Police Buffalo
- Police Interceptor
- FIB SUV (FIB Buffalo not impacted in any way)
- Police Riot
- Unmarked Cruiser
- Police Stinger Van
- Sheriff (Unsure about the Sheriff Granger)

1) Click & drag handling.meta to your data folder in update.rpf
2) Replace the old handling.meta with the new one
3) Enjoy your weak vehicular police force!

Questions, concerns, ideas, comments? Tweet me @Cr3wBoss.
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