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  • A42f6a screenshot 5

    @secretic Would you consider making it open source so that others can update it?

    18 ottobre 2021
  • A42f6a screenshot 5

    @secretic Well if you do decide to update it I have an idea that would improve the mod so here it is:
    Make it so that you don't need to be in the area so Zombies can spread the disease, also so that the Zombies have sounds and don't lock on to a person so that they instead go to the person closest to them, also make it so that when Zombies infect someone they die but come back as a Zombie. I think this would make for a really good update and that alone would make it the best Zombie mod on GTA V.

    11 ottobre 2021
  • A42f6a screenshot 5

    @secretic Is this mod going to be getting an update?

    08 ottobre 2021